I was belatedly catching up on blog posts by other authors and came upon historical romance author, Alison Stuart’s Writing in the Shadow of Fifty Shades post on her preference for more subtle love scenes. How relieved was I to find there are others like me out there. When I come to the slip, slop, slap of erotic scenes in books I am reading, I squint to blur the writing and hurry past until I get back to the story/adventure. I remember once sending a chapter to my critiquing partner, saying I had intended for this to be a sex scene but the hero was just too honourable. She snorted derisively and said, what nonsense! Give it to me and I’ll have them going at it in no time. So we held a gun at his head and ordered him to remove his trousers. See, she said, even if you can do it. The sad truth for people like me is that erotic and erotica is what sells best. Alison’s video of a love scene from the movie “Witness” reminded me of a sensual and unforgettable love scene from the  “The Last Samurai” where the hero, Tom Cruise (yes, I know), is being dressed as a Samurai warrior by the woman he loves. Strict tradition forbade any overt declarations and the sexual tension is displayed in their eyes, their hands and their unsaid words which hover form-like in the air around them. That scene stays in my mind years later and each time I re-watch it, I want to cry. I had to give serious consideration to whether I wanted to write my own version of quality or meet market trends. I never was very good at being trendy! Although, if it is relevant to the story, you will still find a hearty sex scene in my books.