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A warm welcome to the wonderful Aussie Outback romance author, Ann B Harrison, who lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley with her own handsome hero of many years. Ann has always loved the ups and downs of life in small communities and she shares this with readers in her rural romances. Thank you for visiting my blog today and Congratulations on the release of your fabulous new book Outback in Stilettos. Now some questions so readers can get to know you better.

1.  Whether or not you loved or hated it, is there a book that has grabbed you by the throat and changed the way you write?

I’d have to say no. I think there are a lot of books I read and thought, that was a great idea. I’d hazard a guess and say most writers take a little of something from a lot of books that they read.

2.  I was interested to see you had been a Family Daycare mum – surely you would be off writing children’s books with all that fodder.  What originally influenced you to choose the genres in which you write?

Children’s books just aren’t my thing I guess. I grew up on farms and still live on acreage so that is what I know the best.

3.  Have you ever written a book you didn’t like? Why didn’t you like it? (Don’t have to name it J)

Yes I have. I ended up putting it away and ignoring it. For some reason by the time I finished it, I was luke warm toward it. Maybe one day I’ll pull it out and rethink it. (JL: Yep, I’ve got one of those in the bottom drawer, too!)

4.  JK Rowling spoke about the moment Harry Potter took form in her mind. But she had no pen and had to sit in a train for four hours so she sat and stared and let the ideas tumble around in her thoughts. How do you capture the first ideas for a story?

It can be as simple as a word someone says or a name I hear. My best ideas bloom when I’m out walking by myself with no distractions.

5.  Do you write your first draft with your head or your heart?

My heart definitely.

6.  Tell us about your newest release and the inspiration behind it.

Outback in Stilettos was a challenge for me. I wanted to pit a very girly girl who was used to all modern cons into the rugged outback and see how she would cope. I have to admit, she did well!

7.  What is your favourite sentence or quote in your new release?

I love this bit where the lambs are getting ear tags and Delilah is freaking out over it.

“Oh, the poor thing.” Delilah held her hand over her chest, eyes watering as the animal cried. Within seconds it stopped, and she tilted her head looking at Blake. “That’s it? It’s all okay now?” She was puzzled by the lamb’s short-lived reaction.

8.  How much trouble did your characters give you while writing your new release? Which one gave you the most trouble and why?

Not a lot actually. Royce, the young boy on the farm tried to avoid me more than anything. I don’t think he wanted to be part of the story but I talked him around in the end.

9.  What’s next for Ann B Harrison? Your output makes me dizzy, so I’m sure there’s at least one more book heading for publication as we speak.

Well, I have a book already to go next month called Hawk. It’s a novella. Then I have ‘Sassie,’ book two in my Outback Heritage series for release in April. I’m working on May’s release right now.

Love the cover of your new book, Ann! Good luck with it and I look forward to reading it. If you want to know more about Ann and for links to buy her book, we’ve put the details below.

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Blurb:  The most popular soap on television hangs in the balance because Delilah Connors has lost her mojo. Her agent decides she needs a break.
Delilah disagrees but when her agent says jump, she jumps! She heads for the outback on a bus tour from hell. The coach smells, her seating partner is an octopus and the road leads nowhere she wants to go. It’s all too much.
She grabs her bags and hits the track. The trouble is the track leads to two small children and a widowed farmer. The kids are cute but not cute enough to compensate for an archaic kitchen and the filthy flies. Just when she’s getting the hang of the outback, the flies and that sexy farmer she’s summoned back to the big smoke.
Blake makes a last ditch attempt to plead his case but amongst the glitter and glamour of the Sydney film elite, he is way out of his depth.

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